Why Your Next Online Order Should Be A Canvas

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If I go shopping at the moment, my shopping tours take place online. Even if the shops reopen slowly. And it is mostly products that are necessary for basic needs and occasionally products that make my home office or home even more comfortable. Because at the moment I spend most of my time at home.
Does this resonate with you? Then your next online order could be an original painted canvas! Canvas art can make your home more creative, livelier and even more cosy and atmospheric. The following tips should help you get the most out of buying online an original canvas artwork for your home.


Why decorate with canvas art?

In comparison to an art print (2D – a flat print), an original painted canvas has a unique texture and thus gives the room depth and a special touch. An art print remains a print, an image of the original, flat and lifeless.


Four tips for buying canvas prints for your next online order

If you are ready to exchange your prints for original painted canvases, these tips will help you:


Tip 1: Choose a canvas size that is suitable for your wall

The first thing to consider is the size of the art work compared to the size of the wall you want to hang it on. How much space is available on the wall? Are there any other decorative objects that are already hanging or on a nearby shelf that match? Also keep in mind that the canvas-to-wall ratio can make a difference in what the effect is the canvas has on this room. For example, a small art piece in a smaller room (such as a small office or bedroom) is usually more effective, while a larger work in a larger room (e.g. a living room with an open design) is much more effective.


Tip 2: Buy works of art that underline the furnishing style of your room

Canvas art can underline the style of your room or set effective accents. There are so many different options for canvas art, so you will easily find art that fits your personal style and the design aesthetics you have chosen for your living area.


Tip 3: Consider buying more artwork for free shipping or other price advantages

Yes, I as an artist do offer this, too: If you buy two or more works of art at the same time, you rarely buy my large-format pieces at the normal price. For this I offer quantity-related special conditions, such as special prices, free shipping or free delivery. It is therefore worth considering buying more than one artwork in order to benefit from these conditions. There is usually a place for another piece of art or you use the additional piece to exchange the art on your wall from time to time. This way your room automatically gets a fresh look regularly.


Tip 4: Combine your pictures – decorate your wall with more than one work of art

A large format picture on a wall of course is an absolute eye-catcher! And a nice hanging, that consists of several pictures, is as well. For this purpose, several works of the same format and style and different motifs can be combined just as well as pictures of different styles and formats. For example, my colorful acrylic works of art also look great in combination with framed black and white photos. This combination underlines both the colors in my canvas paintings and the classic elegance of the photographs. Combine pictures of different formats on the wall for an interesting, creative look.


You may find inspiration for your wall in my latest “Color Palettes” collection.

See other original artwork on my portfolio Seite. Do you know my Shirts & Co. already?
You have questions? Contact me!

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