3 Tips To Find Art Inspiration

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It’s impossible to be filled with inspiration and creativity all day, every day. We all fall into routines, healthy or otherwise, that can provoke the feeling of monotony – taking away from your inspiration. It becomes easy to let your daily tasks pass without being phased by them, and you can lose your gratitude for the small precious moments present every day. That certainly sounds grim, but rest assured, there are things you can do reignite the passion within you. The following tips will teach you how to get inspired when you feel your autopilot turn on.


Enjoy Nature

One of the most underappreciated solutions to many problems is simply stepping outside. Take a walk, go on a hike, sit along a river with a journal – nature is abundantly beautiful and has an amazing ability to refresh your mindset. From the birds chirping, flowers blooming, to the uniqueness in the terrain. Nature can not only inspire a gorgeous painting emulating your sightings, but you can also find inspiration in the unique colors naturally occurring, or the small details that make the outdoors that much more picturesque. Taking the time to appreciate nature can help you become an even more creative person.


Smell the Roses

After changing your scenery, you will be able to come back into the comfort of your home with the ability to enjoy life’s simplistic beauty, around you every day. The smell of coffee first thing in the morning, the quiet of the mornings before the town awakens, talking to a friend on the phone.

Though when reflected on, it’s easy to recognize these are all special moments we enjoy, we forget that we are lucky to be able to enjoy them in the moment. In your gratitude for the small moments in your life, you can be open to an appreciation for a type of beauty you hadn’t yet been able to express in your creations.


Be Open to Influence

Invite other people into your search for freshly inspired ideas. Allow yourself to be open to the influence of others, not to provoke some sort of action in you, but for you to understand their emotions and how they feel. Listen to a friend’s stories and place yourself in their shoes. People-watch, noting how people go about their day and interact with one another. Feelings, whether ours or a perception of someone else’s, are the passion behind our creations. Allowing your emotions to be influenced by others (to a certain extend), giving you a new perspective, can create a reinspired passion in you.


It’s okay to feel like you’re at a loss for inspiration – it’s happens to all of us, and through the process of regaining our inspiration, we become even more skilled. With simple exercises to help you reignite your passion, the mental block you’re feeling is temporary, and can be thought of as a sign that  


…you will soon be able to create things you otherwise would never be able to imagine.


Inspired by stepping out and looking at the beauty in nature and people around me around is my Artwork “All Around Is Life“.
The artwork is a square 100 x 100 cm and consists of various colorful, contrasting layers of acrylic paint, ink, pastels and charcoal.

See more of my original artwork on my portfolio page.
You have questions? Contact me!

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