The Power Of Colors

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Colors unmistakeably have the power to influence our emotion and behavior. Every color carries an inherent energy which leaves its impact on the onlookers. For instance, if a wall in the room is painted orange or red then the room typically feels warmer than it is. Colors have a great impact on interiors of the house and this is the reason that people are very cautious of the color of the wall paint and the hangings. Psychology of colors is an interesting subject as it talks about the effect of every color on human mind and perception. Let’s look at a few brief examples: Green color is associated with creativity and stability while red is believed to reduce analytical thinking but stands for passion and strength, blue is the tranquil color and magenta and beige are associated with thankfulness and grounding nature.


„Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Wassily Kandinsky


This post is to talk about how surrounding colors affect the energy around us and impact our lives and performance. When you buy a painting for your home, the choice of colors is indicative of your mood and state at this moment. Colorful paintings have positive effect on your mood and well-being and can transform your interiors in no time. Of course, this post cannot cover it all, the topic is huge as color choices are uncountable. Hence, this text covers just a tiny part about the power of colors.


Colorful paintings evoke behavioral responses


We all are different and although some colors might be associated with serenity and calmness, they can be disliked by others. For instance, blue is usually associated with vastness and serenity, but someone might dislike a particular shade of blue because it reminds her of an allergy medicine that she used to take when she was a kid. I exaggerated this example on purpose 🙂 as the same logic applies in paintings as well. This is a reason that not all paintings are liked by everyone. Colors can evoke emotional and behavioral responses. This means that one painting which is not liked by few people can turn out to be the highest bid for another set of people. Embracing the diversity in choices is the key metric when it comes to paintings and their behavioral connection.


Power of contrasts


Light colored paintings are expansive while dark color paintings seem sophisticated and strong. They give texture to your room. While light colored paintings sooth your eyes, dark colored paintings motivate you to achieve something. To chase after your dreams. My paintings are never too light or too dark, they are always balanced with contrast shades (or at least this is what I strive to achieve in my paintings 🙂 ) to add a shot of personality to any room. Also, by using different shades of colors, I try to combine the refreshing quality and cheerfulness of shades that promote comfort, togetherness and vibrancy.


Creating a balance


Paintings should create an extra dose of excitement, enthusiasm and energy (the three E’s). As an artist, I understand color psychology, colors are my addiction, my tools, my friends, my allies in art which is the reason that my art pieces can complete a look; making a room look done. I create a balance between shades by combining vibrant colors and designs with soothing shades so that every painting can communicate happiness and positivity.

Walls are no longer just places to hang anything and everything that is attractive to eyes. They are reflective of your unique style and spirit. That is why, when choosing paintings, the best approach is to trust your gut and find something that speaks to you in some way.


I my Harmony series I have used all the colors that have the power to energize and sooth at the same time. Just pure harmony.


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