New Collection – Color Palettes

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Fresh new colors – the new collection

This collection is an intuitive, very personal one. When I paint I mix my paints on a smaller canvas. A new color palette develops. Every color mixing palette has its unique texture, colors and character. I keep using these palettes a few times. So if they could speak they would tell you about the paintings I painted and the colors I mixed for them. They just know. They each tell a story.

The chief function of color should be to serve expression.

Henri Matisse


How a color palette is created

When I decide to use a fresh canvas and create a new color mixing palette the old palette gets replaced by the new one. And it continues to show it‘s story, quietly. In the quietness of my storage. That I could not let happen to these pieces. I lined them up for two or three final layers of paint and glossed them with varnish. Spontaneously and without intend.


Modern original art for every home

And the Color Palette Collection came to life: Various smaller format paintings that consist of many colorful layers of acrylic paint, structure paste and ink. Harmonious color combinations of soothing blues, vibrant neons, fresh pure whites as well as warm and cold neutrals. The Color Palette pieces work perfectly fine on their own as well as in a combination of two ore more pieces of the collection.

On your wall, the Color Palettes remind you that trusting the process is safe and rewarding.


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