5 Ways to Nurture Your Soul

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In the modern times, being happy seems one of the hardest things to do. Now, we have everything that we need. We have technology, money and excellent opportunities for health, leisure and personal growth. And, nevertheless, many people even when they are in company feel sad and lonely. Depression and melancholia has spread in the whole generation. Nurturing your soul is extremely important in order to be happy, because happiness is, after all, a state of mind. You may decorate your body with pretty clothes and satisfy it with pleasure, but your soul is left unnurtured, uncared for. Some people these days function in an automatic way, like machines, and in their soul, they feel empty. However, there are ways you can nurture and care for your soul.


Self Love and Self Care

The question of what makes us happy has not the one answer. And yes, this is different for anyone. What makes me happy does not mean that it is the right thing for you, too. Self love may be the base for us to be able to enjoy life. If you are tired and/or feel a little low, why not give yourself a nice bath, treat yourself to a yummy meal or be with yourself for some time. You are the most important person in your life. Maybe take a vacation for the weekend, being close to nature always helps me for example. And if you cannot afford that, know that, just staying at home, curling up on your sofa and reading a good book or watching a funny tv show is also self care as well as just lying there comfortably doing nothing.


Connect With Friends and Family

Love and companionship is what the soul craves the most. If you have a family of your own be mindful about the moments you have together. Be right here at this family dinner, at this very family moment. Visit your parents and/or friends and enjoy the time spent together. Invite friends over and just talk about things that matter to you. Your heart and soul will feel light.


Healthy Diet and Moderate Exercise

Eat what makes you feel good. Not what others think is good. We all can feel what nutrition is good for us if we take the time to listen to our body, hence, if we eat mindfully. Clean and/or homemade food is what is good for me. Food that I prep myself and that is as natural as possible (not more than 5 ingredients on the ingredients list) is what my body digests best and a happy soul loves to live in a healthy body. As for exercise, it is never about the extreme it is always about moderation. I am not a jogger, but love to walk. And taking (even short 10 minute) walks in nature really empower my body and soul.


Invest in the Arts

Of course, art is the one of my favorite soul foods 🙂 Making art as well as looking at art. Art makes us feel something. Art makes us see. Sometimes art helps us understand life and purpose. Art can also change our perspective towards the world. It makes us thoughtful and compassionate. It helps us reflect. With my art I strive to bring positive vibes on canvas and into the world. My art is happy art. Decorate your home with art that makes you feel good, go to an art exhibition, read a good book, attend a concert. You never know, it may change your life forever for the better and definitely will feed your soul with good vibes.



Do you have routines that make you happy? I do. There are certain happy routines that I do miss when I do not make time for them for some reason. I get up at 5 am and I write or sketch for half an hour. Or I read. Or meditate and or do Yoga. This is ME-time. And it has become a routine over the years. After that I plan my day. I write down the three most important tasks I want to get done that day as well as the three things I am grateful for in that very moment. Besides that, I need my work space to be organized in order for my mind to be organized as well. So whenever I feel overwhelmed by tasks, I start organizing my studio and that clears my mind instantly as well. And that does not mean that I am not enjoying a little bit of chaos once in a while 🙂 What routines do you have that instantly make for feel good, calm or comforted?


It all comes down to Love

Nurturing your soul is an easy task. You will find your way to be happy once you decide to be happy yourself. Everything in this universe is connected. And this connection as well as an endlessness is reflected in the circles, colors, shades and nuances of my artpiece „Universal Love“.
Like my other paintings it has a square format and consists of various colorful, contrastful layers of acrylic paint, ink and charcoal.

On your wall, it reminds you that (self) love truly can conquer all.

See this and other original artwork on my portfolio page.
Prints and other products with my art you will find in my Redbubble Shop. Questions? I will be happy to answer them!

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