Why We Should Build Castles In The Air

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If you don’t build castles in the air you won’t build anything on the ground.

Victor Hugo


The expression building castles in the air means daydreaming about things that are far from present reality. As children we dwell on imaginative visions, but once we get older, one might criticize us for daydreaming, for building castles in the air. Society pressurizes us to be rational, to forget about the dream world. It asks us to match our dream with reality. But daydreaming is good for us and we should be dreaming and matching our reality accordingly. People who build castles in the air most often lead a more fulfilling life than those who rationally give in to their reality. Let’s have a look below at my reasons for why you should be dreaming.


Dreaming Is The First Step

Dreaming always is the first step towards achieving something meaningful. Staying in the dream world never is a waste of time. I think, that people who do not have dreams will not be able to go forward in life. They will accept whatever life gives them. They will never act, but only react to whatever comes. If you dream, it means that you have a direction and a path.


If You Dream, You Achieve

If you have the courage to dream big, you will also have the courage to pursue that dream. Never let anyone tell you that your dreams are stupid. They never are if they are what you truly desire. We human beings have the capacity to achieve great things if we put our minds to something.


Always Good To Have A Vision

People who build castles in the air have a vision of what they want to do in their lives. And a vision leads the way. You will actually be more disciplined in life when you strive to achieve your dream. And even when you fail, that should not stop you from dreaming. So, what do you dream about? Is that dream leading your way?

Now, if you have that dream, the next step is to visualize it. What exactly do you see? What do you feel, smell, hear? What does your dream taste like? Try to think of your dream as if you have already achieved it. What type of person will you be, if your dream was true? Then, try to be that person every day.


My Castle In The Air

Not that long ago I heard somebody say: If you do not dream, you will not be so disappointed when you do not realize that dream. I think it is the opposite: If you can see it in your head, you have taken a first step to realizing it. And even if it turns out different in the end, it might be even better like that. Or the dream has changed along the way.

One of my castles in the air was to exhibit my art in New York. In 2013 I wrote about this in a notebook. I imagined every little detail on how my artwork is shown in an art gallery in Chelsea, New York. I thought about how my family and I are attending the opening reception, talking to people, smiling. Believe me, this really was far far away from reality back in 2013. Nevertheless, I kept imagining it and writing it down in detail. When I read that notebook entry 6 years later I was (not) surprised. Everything turned out exactly as I had described it. 6 years later the dream about that art show had come to life. Every tiny little detail I had visualized back then had turned into reality with my first exhibition in Chelsea, New York City this March.

My artwork „Castles in the Air“, with its vibrant colors and clear as well as blurred shapes and lines was inspired by that dream coming true. Like my other paintings it is a square format and consists of various colorful, contrastful layers of acrylic paint, ink and charcoal.


On your wall, it reminds you that if you can imagine it you can do it!


See this and other original artwork on my portfolio page.
Prints and other products with my art you will find in my Redbubble Shop. Questions? I will be happy to answer them!


New Collection In The Making

PS: Stay tuned for a new collection of summer art: Under the Sea. Coming soon not just to all divers and underwater world lovers!

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