Why We Need Art – Arts Powerful Influence

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Art obviously provides some aesthetic benefits to any space, bringing pops of color and personality into a home. Thanks to all of the forms and styles of art, and all of the amazing pieces out there, your ability to express yourself in your space is truly endless. Beyond being neat to look at, admiring art also comes with many other fantastic benefits: art can provoke emotion, allow you to express yourself, and help us understand history. 




One of the special things about art is that it is subjective, so it speaks to everyone differently. We find art we like by the way it makes us feel when we view it. Unlike the shoes we buy, where trends play a big role, our art selection allows us to find a piece we personally connect with, enabling us to freely display what we uniquely relate to, and that form of self-expression is beautifully pure. With art, you can both feel understood, and help others understand you, in a way that is far more descriptive than words.


Emotional Influence


Art provides you with a whole new form of expression. The colors, patterns, and styles of art help you express yourself, which feels good, as we saw previously, but that’s just the surface of the emotional impact art has. Art you choose also comes with the power to influence your mind, proven by science. As an example, your brain releases dopamine when you are viewing art, the hormone that makes you feel happy.

Additionally, a study was performed that demonstrated after a sample group of children visited an art museum, they experienced a 9-18% increase in their critical thinking. There is data to prove art’s immense influence. Science aside, art can instill an emotion in you that reminds you of fond memories, like a painting that reminds you of the wonderful summers you spent at your grandmother’s house. Art has proven to brings us a sense of warmth, comfort, and happiness – both in how it makes us feel and in science. 


Historical Context


Much of our understanding of history is thanks to art that has been created through time. Given art is an expression of your surroundings and emotions, when those two variables differ, as does the art that is created. Beyond that, art allows us to memorialize moments in time that were impactful. Without the art of our ancestors before us, we wouldn’t have any visual insight into our past. Art has helped us understand how structures were built, religions were practiced, cultures were represented, past societies felt, and so much more – without a single word ever being spoken. Not only is artwork an awesome piece of décor that brings you joy, or a form of personal expression, it’s a piece of history in the making. 


Art is powerful. It has the ability to instill emotion in us, help us express ourselves, as well as allow us to understand our past. Turn to your favorite piece of art to alleviate your stress, find new artwork if you are feeling misunderstood, and turn to historical art if you want to better understand the world around you. With the influence art has over everything it touches,


…the benefits of art are truly never ending.


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