4 Tips to Reconnect With Your Creativity

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We have all had those moments where our brain feels stalled, unable to think with the same creativity we typically thrive on. It’s a very common feeling, particularly if you don’t have a habit of helping yourself recharge. Habits are key in helping you avoid a mental block, but if you have already hit one, these four tips will help you refuel your passion and inspire you toward your next amazing idea.


Tip 1: Learn A New Hobby


A fantastic way to improve your creativity is to teach your brain new pathways by providing it with fresh problems to solve of information to learn. Not only are you building new creative muscles with the introduction of a new hobby, but you also provide yourself with a space to ease your mind – allowing you to bring your mindset back to the blank canvas you need it to be to create your next masterpiece.

Find a new creative outlet that allows your brain to refresh itself through the learning process of developing a new skill. You will be surprised by how impactful a new hobby can be to your craft.


Tip 2: Journal Your Thoughts


It is common for our mental blocks to be caused by feeling overwhelmed by our thoughts. Journaling is a great way to ensure you have a single place to refer to your thoughts and ideas later, allowing you to clear them from your mind. You will also find that journaling can help you more deeply explore your thoughts as the act of writing helps your brain think through the idea or problem. Journaling is a powerful tool that can lead to self-discovery and stress-relief.


Tip 3: Change Your Scenery


If you have been spending your time working or creating in the same space, day after day, hour by hour, it’s time to change your scenery. Without a break from the environment you’ve become accustomed to, your brain will start to allow itself to operate on auto-pilot due to the familiarity of your surroundings and normalcy of your routines. Break that cycle – get some fresh air and refresh your mind. It is absolutely amazing the positive impact a 15-minute walk outdoors can have on your ability to get your passion back.


Tip 4: Clean Your Space


A cluttered environment is a cluttered mind, and as we saw when we discussed journaling, a cluttered mind halts creativity. Helping your space feel fresh and clean can do the exact same for your mindset. Organize your workspace, clean your bedroom, do the dishes – whatever mess you have lurking in your environment is also lurking in your mind, and you have the ability to fix that.

Follow these tips to spark your creativity, inspiring you to get back to what you enjoy most. As you saw, many of these tips can be turned into simple, repeatable, habits, allowing you to improve your creativity consistently…


…helping you evolve into the artist you have always wanted to become.


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