This year I created T-shirts for the SupermART in Nuremberg. Consistent brand design I thought. And, because then I did not want to decide daily what to wear ?

For three SupermART days I ordered three shirts with one of my designs. Of course made of light cotton, in black and grey. Black and grey both go well with the vibrant colors of my paintings.

And you were fantastic with your feedback, thanks so much! Actually, my artworks were the main exhibits on the art exhibition. And you asked for my shirt ?


And here they are – the shirts!

Available in black, white and grey as a women’s or men’s T-shirt and with three different designs. And there is a hoodie for the ladies as well.

Beispiele T-Shirts & Co mit Diana Linsse Motiven

Beispiele T-Shirts & Co mit Diana Linsse Motiven

And in the next 14 days there is 15% discount!

Let’s go shirt shopping ??

Do you have any questions or would you like more motifs as a shirt? Send me a message!