Search your heart – and be surprised

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Search your heart
Search your soul
And when you find me there, you’ll search no more.

Bryan Adams (songtext)

Finding Answers

Theoretically, we always know what to do. As the answer is always there. In our heart. Did you know that the hearts electromagnetic field is about 5.000 times stronger than that of the brain?! And it has its own neurons and produces hormones, too. No wonder our heart is also known as the „little brain“.

Observe and Listen

So next time you think you do not have an answer, take the time and listen to as well as look into your heart. It always knows. And you will search no more. Take a moment and close your eyes. Put your hand over your heart. Breathe mindfully. Slowly. Feel your heartbeat. Imagine what your heart would say if it had a voice. Repeat this as often as you like and you will know what to do. And you follow.

Search your Heart on view at Agora Gallery, New York

In March 2019 Search your Heart is on view at Agora Gallery in New York City as part of the exhibition „Roots and Wings“.

Yes, this can happen if you follow your heart 😉

Other artworks in this group exhibition are Roots & Wings, Flow, Catch & Release

Impressions of the Opening Reception:

Opening Reception “Roots & Wings” at Agora Gallery, New York

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition.
More photos and videos of the opening reception can be found here.

My artwork „Search your Heart“, with its radiating centre, is, like my other paintings, a square format and consists of various colorful, contrasting layers of acrylic paint, ink and charcoal.

On your wall, it reminds you, that there is more to decision making than the logical, sensible, analytical side of it.

Listen to your heart and you will know what to do.

This artwork is part of a collection represented by Agora Gallery, New York.

See this and other original artwork on my page Original Art.
Prints and other products with my art you will find in my Redbubble Shop. Questions? Please let me know anytime!

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