Why Original Art Wins Over Prints

by | May 19, 2019 | All, Artpieces

Art lovers often find themselves wading into one of the more hot-button issues in the art world:

No one else will have the original art but prints are common

Prints are a dime a dozen—or rather, a dime in thousands.
Art prints can be made by the hundreds, thousands—or even millions depending on the work and the openness of the printing license. Original art, on the other hand, comes with this absolute: no one else in the world will have the art piece but you. Even if the artist makes similar pieces, there will always be something unique and special about the exact original art that you have in your collection.

Original art has a unique type of value that prints does not have

While you shouldn’t necessarily bank on original art increasing in value—this is an issue with its own set of nuances—it is still a fact that original art has a more unique type of value than a print. A print is not the result of physical and artistic labor on behalf of the artist; it is a flat copy of artwork that doesn’t hold the same prominence as the actual piece created from their talent and their paint brushes.

Owning tangible art is good for your soul

There is something indescribable about owning a piece of original art. When you hold it, frame it, put it up on your wall and look at it now and then, you’ll begin to understand just how much original art benefits the state of your soul and mind. Embracing artwork and supporting artists by buying their original pieces is one small way that you can help keep the arts alive in today’s world—and what better remedy to a hungry soul than supporting the arts?

Original art adds texture to your home

Prints are—well, prints! They are printed on flat sheets of paper and do not have the same type of unique and notable texture that an original art piece will showcase. Prints look more subdued when they’re hung up on walls or stuck in photo frames; whereas original art contains that unmistakable look and feel of actual paint applied with actual brushstrokes. This can add some unique texture and style to your home, no matter where you decide to hang the original artwork.

If you’re in the mood to add art to your living space and your life, make sure you choose original art. As it always wins over prints every time, so when you make the important decision to bring home original art versus prints, then your home (and happiness!) will thank you for it.

Original art at SupermART #9

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