Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.

Mark Twain

Or woman … for that matter 🙂 If you had told me two years ago, I would be an artist exhibiting in New York City, I would have said „Yeah, right, I wish!“

Today I am that artist. My artwork is part of a group exhibition at an art gallery in Chelsea, New York City.

New York, of all places

The group exhibition Roots & Wings, that is named after one of my paintings, will be open to the public from March 2 – 22, 2019 at Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York City. The opening reception is on Thursday, March 7, 2019 6-8 pm (EST).

Roots and Wings features twelve artists whose works speak to the tension between political and social aspiration and the obstacles presented by everyday pressures.

The group exhibition Roots and Wings communicates a melancholic atmosphere which isn’t without a tincture of hope.

Four pieces of my artwork will be shown at the gallery and a fifth painting will be shown at a New York City Hotel (I will share more information soon 🙂 )

NEON ABSTRACT Collection by Diana Linsse shown at group exhibition in New York

For more details about the exhibition see the invitation to the group exhibition Roots and Wings here.