New Artpiece: Game of Thoughts

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There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.


We know that we are part of a whole. We all are an essential part of the universe. And we know that everything is connected. And that everything happens for a reason and so on. Nevertheless, sometimes, we cannot help it. Our thoughts go on a roller coaster ride. Not just one ride, but rounds. And we cannot seem to control them. Or can we?


We can all get stuck in a loop of unproductive thoughts sometimes. If we mix this loop with a hint of uncertainty, the mean little monster of overthinking might start to take over.


And when it does, we do not feel so well. We might not sleep well, so that we are tired during the day, we might feel overwhelmed and as if we have failed somehow. And we think about it even more. The little monster chuckles.

But, even if this happens, we can always put this bored little monster back where it belongs (somewhere far away) and win back control over our thoughts.

Be aware

Take a look at your thoughts. When you feel overwhelmed, down or doubting yourself take notes. Write down what you think. What was the situation when you had this thought? Is there a pattern? Write this down, too. With which positive thought could you replace this heavy overthought thought? Step back and look at the situation as if it was not your thought.

Congratulations, with this you have just taken a first step to banish the little monster.

Take breaks

One of the most effective things to not let your thought go into loops, is taking breaks. Take breaks if the workload (or thought load) is too much at the moment. Take a few deep breaths and feel how the oxygen is filling up your lungs and refreshes your whole body and mind.

See the bigger picture

Again take a step back. What was it you really wanted? And how does this loop of thoughts help you with this? Is it really this significant? Or could this loop be just the smallest little pebble in the ocean of time? Is it really worth it to spend time on these thoughts? Put it into perspective and enjoy the Aha-Moment 🙂

Think positive thoughts

Renew your way of thinking with thoughts like these (or whatever works for you):
“I am more than my negative thoughts. I can and will be happy.”
“Right now, I release my loopy thoughts and let them go.”
“I live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of what is happening right now.”
„I am thankful for the numerous blessings in my life“

Look at art

Or take a moment to look at a painting you like. What do you see, what do you feel? Art has the power to touch our souls.

My painting “Game of Thoughts” was inspired by this game our thoughts can sometimes play. Like my other paintings it is a square format and consists of various colorful, contrasting layers of acrylic paint, ink and charcoal. On your wall, it reminds you that you are always in control of your thoughts.

For this and other available originals visit my page Original Art. Art prints and other products with my designs can be found in my Redbubble Shop. Questions? Let me know!

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