How Art Makes Your Room A Living Room

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A room really isn’t a living room without some style and personality (and a couch of course 🙂 ). Otherwise, the space feels sterile and uncomfortable. Art, in all different forms, is how all of us create a space that represents us and welcomes our guests to our home. We all prefer different feelings in our homes as we use the space differently. Some individuals may like their home to give them energy while other folks may prefer their home helps them relax. 

Regardless of the aim you have for your living room, or home in general, art is how you make it possible. 


Art Represents Personal Style

Everyone is drawn to different color palettes, patterns, materials, tones, lighting… I think you see where I am going with this. There is immense variety in all of the preferences we uniquely have, as well as the combinations of those varieties we enjoy, in the art that creates our home decor. Slight differences in preference, through every detail of your home, result in a feeling and appearance completely unique to your living space. Even if you share a similar décor style as your best friend, there will still naturally be small preferential differences that create a unique space for each of you. 


Art Instills Emotion 

Beyond showing off your personality with fun textures and patterns, the art in your home, all combined into an entirely new piece of art together, creates a feeling in your home that you get to enjoy every day. If you work from home, and want a space that brings you energy, you might have fresh colors and simple statement pieces of art. If you work long hours, and want to create a home that makes you feel relaxed and at ease the moment you walk through the door, you might have lighter, more minimalistic, yet warm, art decorating your space. The art you have in your home instills emotion in you beginning the moment you wake up, and that emotion sets the tone for how you will use your energy. Art truly is quite powerful. 


Art Impacts Guests’ Feelings

Your guests can also feel the powerful energy of the art you choose in your home décor. They are able to recognize your personality in the art, perhaps learn new things about you given art’s expression abilities. And of course, the art in your living space impacts how they feel in your home. The idea of “make yourself at home” is influenced by the feeling your space provides. If you have a warm home, filled with natural, earthy elements, and many textures and elements incorporated in your art, your guests will be able to feel relaxed at home in no time. 

Art has an amazing ability to alter how you and guests feel in your home, while also giving you the opportunity to showcase yourself with a form of expression that can tell your story far better than words will ever be able to. If you are drawn to a funky piece of art for your living room, and your friends are not into it, buy it anyway!


You are creating a space that tells YOUR story. Uniqueness absolutely required.


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