What you should never compromise

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When you say „yes“ to others make sure you are not saying „no“ to yourself.

Paulo Coelho

Life is full of surprises and you have to compromise at many aspects. It could be at home, in your relationships or at your workplace. Some compromises are sweet as, by doing them, your loved ones will benefit. While some compromises might leave you in regret, sorrow and pain even. The question is, should you ever compromise?

The answer could be Yes, No and Yes or No

Always depending upon the situation. Let’s look at this with an illustration. You have a great career opportunity in hand, but it is in another city. This means you have to stay away from your family and friends until things settle down. Is it worth accepting the offer given the fact that you have to compromise your existing lifestyle and go out of your comfort zone to achieve something that big?

The answer is YES, if you are career oriented and you are able to convince your acquaintances that you will manage to sail through this long-distance relationship.
The answer is NO, if one of your core values is „family“. You might feel that it will be too difficult for you and your family and friends to manage as you prioritize them over anything else.

Whatever is your answer, your heart and mind should be in synch

If you are saying YES, but deep within you know that you won’t be able to manage, then listen to your heart (you could also read the article „Search your Heart“ once again 🙂 ) and choose the path that your heart leads you on. No compromise is worth anything, if you are not happy with the result. So, how to solve this dilemma of compromising?

Should you not compromise at all?

You need to set your limits when it comes to compromise. You can’t close your doors towards compromises as you will have to do it genuinely at many stages of life. Below are few compromise „rules“ which may help you in weighing the decision that you want to make:

You need to set the boundaries

You should never compromise on your values and standards of integrity because they define your identity and make you authentic.

You always have a choice

When it comes to compromise you always have a choice. And there is no bad choice. Only no choice at all is a bad choice.

Do not walk away from your true self

If your compromise means walking away from your true self, it is going to feel like a trap for you eventually. There is nothing more painful than giving up on yourself in creating a life which will never bring you the fulfillment and reward that you are looking for.

My painting “Never compromise” aims to provide a message to “never compromise with your honesty, integrity, wholeness, loyalty, wisdom, graciousness, values and virtues”. The painting has different layers of acrylic paint, ink and charcoal. This depth symbolizes the importance of balancing heart and mind.

On your wall, it reminds you that compromising is a valuable skill, if you do it with your own will.

This artwork is part of a collection represented by Agora Gallery, New York.

See this and other original artwork on my page Original Art.
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