How to start your art collection

by | May 30, 2019 | All, Artpieces

A painting can say a thousand words. The brilliance and creativity that artists inject into their paintings is beyond explanation. If you have an empty wall and you are thinking what to do with it, then how about creating your own art collection? If you are thinking that you need to break the bank for doing it, then you are mistaken. Search for art can be fun and with little extra thought, your little purchases can turn into a collection.

Where to buy art?

When it comes to art collection, all you need to do is to see through the eyes of the artist. To get to know the story and inspiration behind the work helps. And, love for art fits every budget.

Directly from the artist

To buy paintings ​directly from the artist or via bidding in auctions is delightful and not everyone gets this opportunity because of various reasons. If you want to experience the auction or maybe you wish to meet the artist in person and gain insights on his/her perception about the painting, then visit some local auction houses in your area. You can go for pre-season auctions as well. Many artists setup their business in their area where you get a good chance to speak to them directly.

Art fairs and exhibitions

Fairs and exhibitions are the perfect place to find something exclusive for your place. Don’t be shy to enter these exhibitions even if you are novice in this field. You will get to connect with others and learn from their experiences! You can understand the power of brush only if you go to art fairs and exhibitions to find hidden gems. Added advantage: you get wealth of information and lower prices too.


You can buy paintings online, also. Get all the information you need, before you invest. Some online platforms also provide condition reports and then allow for bidding online or by phone. The best part about online platforms is that you can even find those master pieces which are from forgotten artists or those artists who were hot few years back, but their works are now selling for less than original quoted price. Saatchi Art, Artsy & Artspace are few platforms which you may browse for contemporary paintings. The only thing that you need to be mindful is the additional shipping and insurance charges.

Gallery hopping

Art galleries have new and intriguing collection from various artists. The gallery owners are always kind and helpful to advice you on the type of painting you can invest in. And Artists are visiting galleries on a regular basis, so you never know when you get to meet them directly. Like me, for example, I love to visit art galleries. And love to talk to people there. And I love when I get the chance to connect with collectors on the opening receptions of my own exhibitions, like at Agora Gallery in New York.

Art lovers with a little bigger budget tend to look only for works by renowned artists. As an artist I feel that art is incomparable. It could be the work of an artist who is not very famous but that does not mean the art is not worth much.

Even if you have a small budget, you can still afford a lot. So why should you buy any other decoration when you can buy fine art, right?! ?

See more of my art . And contact me with any questions you may have!

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