“Everything you can imagine is real.”

I live by these words of Picasso. Painting belongs to me, and always has. It allows me to express myself, helping me to channel and capture feelings since I was a teenager.

My colors celebrate life and invite the the viewer to do the same. Through my art, I aspire to appreciate every moment of life, no matter how seemingly small.

I use dynamic brush strokes, layering various mediums, and take objects and forms out of context, arranging them in new relations and settings. I strive to create new harmonies, as well as contrasts in form and color, and, in doing so, hope to symbolize my understanding that all existence is about contrasts and the nuances in between.


My Creative Tipp

Zentangle, a drawing method that is not about the result. But about drawing itself. Line by line. You can read more on my page Zentangle.

Once or twice a month I send out my Artletter. There I share creative tips, new artpieces, great freebies and tutorials 

Latest Work


Why We Should Build Castles In The Air

If you don't build castles in the air you won't build anything on the ground. Victor Hugo   The expression building castles in the air means daydreaming about things that are far from present reality. As children we dwell on imaginative visions, but once we get...

5 Ways to Nurture Your Soul

In the modern times, being happy seems one of the hardest things to do. Now, we have everything that we need. We have technology, money and excellent opportunities for health, leisure and personal growth. And, nevertheless, many people even when they are in company...


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